Q:  What kinds of items do you buy?
A:  We buy gold, silver, firearms, antiques, curios and collectibles.
Q:  Do you sell guns in your store?
A:  We are a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer and sell a full line of new and pre-owned firearms. ONLINE SALES ONLY.
Q:  I don't want to sell.  Can you give me a loan on my items?
A:  We are not a pawnbroker and cannot offer loans.  But we will offer some of the highest values for your items if you decide to sell.
Q:  How much will you pay for my gold (or silver or guns or antiques)?
A:  We will need to see the item before we can give you a price.  We evaluate every piece for authenticity, condition, demand and our ability to liquidate.  We then will make you a fair offer that reflects up-to-the-minute market conditions. Keep in mind, the big ads you see in the paper are expensive and the other guy is not going to give you top dollar because those ads aren't cheap. we prefer word of mouth advertising, ask anyone about us see if we treated them right?


Q: How does an auction work?
A: We offer high quality items to the public.  We ARE A NO RESERVE AUCTION, meaning any bid can win. We allow multiple bidders to compete against each other to win the item.  Highest bidder wins the item.
Q: Can people look at the items before they bid?
A: We offer opportunity to preview in person on Friday at our auction house.  Please bring a list of the lot numbers you want to view. Additionally, bidders may view items online through our website.
Q:  What do I have to do if I want to auction an item?
A:  Contact the Owner, Patrick McManus, to verify that your items are products that we auction. You may text pictures to 702-767-4475 or email them to: Office@McManusAuctions.com
Then simply bring us your clean, unbroken quality items and we will catalog, photograph and prepare them for auction.
Q:  How much will I get for my items?
A:  It depends on the items you sell.
You will receive 65% of the final bid amount on general merchandise.
75% of the final bid amount on motorized vehicles and of the final bid amount on gold, silver coins, jewelry and firearms.
Q:  Can I decline to sell if the final bid is not high enough for my item?
A:  We will always work diligently to get you the most for your items, but we operate a "No reserve" auction.  Once an items hits the auction block, it will be sold to the highest bidder.
Q:  When will I get the money from my items?
A:  We cut the checks for consigners no later than Monday, a week following the auction.
Q:  Can I skip the auction process and simply sell my items to you?
A:  We are willing buyers for certain items and goods. Please check with Patrick to see what items we are currently buying.